Titan Europe History

Titan History

1989 - A joint venture, trading as the New Warrington Wheel Company Limited, was formed in 1989 by Titan Inc., the current CEO of Titan Europe and a third party, and became wholly owned by Titan Inc. in 1995.

1994 - Titan International acquired 50 per cent. of Titan Italy and the remaining 50 per cent. in 1996.

1994 - Titan International established Titan Europe. Since then Titan Europe has expanded through a number of organic acquisitions in the agricultural, construction and mining sector.

1995 - Titan Europe acquired two companies, Titan Steel Wheels in the UK and Titan Germany.

1996 - Titan Europe acquired Titan France transferring the company to Titan Italy in 2001.

1998 - Titan Inc. transferred Titan Italy to Titan Europe.

1999 - Titan Europe acquired a 35.9 per cent investment in Wheels India and is represented on its board.

2000 - Titan Europe provided support to Titan Australia before finally acquiring it in 2003.

2004 - In April Titan Europe Plc was established as a separate entity on the London Stock Exchange AIM market raising £30m (de-merger from Titan Inc. USA). Titan Inc.'s shareholding was 29.3%.

2004 - In September Titan Europe Plc acquired the total share capital of Andys Australia Pty Limited.

2005 - In September Titan Italia SpA, a Titan Europe subsidiary, signed a joint venture agreement with JANTSA-Jant Sanay ve Tcaret A.S. ('JANTSA'), Turkey's largest off-road wheel manufacturer.

2005 - In November Titan Europe Plc acquired Wheel and Rims Pty Limited which is based in Brisbane, Australia.

2005 - At the end of December Titan Europe Plc acquired the entire share capital of Italtractor ITM Group with a further £70m equity fund raising – Titan Inc.'s share diluted to approximately 17%.

2007 - In March Titan Europe Plc acquired the total share capital of Aros del Pacifico S.A. in Chile and its subsidiary company Aros del Pacifico S.A.C. in Peru.

2009 - Italtractor ITM SpA, a company part of Titan Europe Plc, set up a new subsidiary in China, Titan ITM (Tianjin) Co.Ltd: to manufacture undercarriage components.

2011 - Italtractor ITM SpA set up a new subsidiary in Japan, Titan ITM Japan Ltd.
Titan Wheels Australia Pty Ltd set up a new subsidiary in South Africa, Titan Wheels South Africa Pty Ltd.
Titan Italia acquired the remaining 50% of Titan Jantsa.

2012 - Titan International, Inc. acquires Titan Europe.